Four tips on how to prevent break-ins into your apartment

There have been lots of issues of break-ins and thefts over the years probably due to insecurity or slight mistakes on the part of the house owners or tenants. Landlords tend to double the housing prices per annum resulting into a ground rent scandal just to tackle the issue of break-ins in our respective homes. Nevertheless, there are other cost-effective means to tackle these problems without having to raise house ground rent scandal just to tackle this problem and in another sense prevent any foreseen or unforeseen ground rent scandal problem. They include;

Use a chain-lock

Extra security isn’t paranoia, it’s just a measure taken to prevent any break ins of any sort. You could purchase and install chain locks on your door- preferable both on the main and back door. Using chain locks to a very large extent prevents break ins of any sort.

Upon moving in, change all locks

After moving in, it is imperative to inform your land lord you would be changing locks, just to be in a safer side. The previous key used could have been with anyone or anywhere, as such to prevent any kind of break ins or perhaps in order to have an assurance that no one else has access to your apartment asides you- change you lock.

Double check your windows and doors

This could be tiring somethings, having to check your doors and windows over and over again. Nevertheless, it is for your safety. You don’t have to necessarily check your doors and windows and doors at intervals, but you can always check whenever you are about to go to bed and whenever you are leaving your apartment. Over the years this mechanism had proven effective.

Install a wireless alarm

This method also has also proven to be very effective. Just in case there’s a break in, installed wireless alarm will be tripped and it will definitely alert you. In this case, three things are bound to happen; it’s either the burglar run- leaving your apartment, or you get to see the burglar yourself and prevent him from gaining access to your apartment or the wireless alarm alerts nearby law enforcing agency.